Deep under the ocean….

Deep under the ocean The bones of lost slaves lie Gone but not forgotten In the years gone by Painful was the journey Death a sweet release And know only the ocean knows Where my blood rests in peace

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Women and The Vote – Mine and Other Voices

I was asked to write a blog for this months edition of GRIT. A monthly blog highlighting issues affecting women. The organisation is headed up by Reena Ranger, Founder and Chairwoman of Women Empowered.   As it coming up to election

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ElevateHer – #CASSWomen

I’ve been involved in the organisation of an event, by and for women to be held on Monday 16th March at University of East London, CASS School of Education. For more information, Click Here The event was inspired by my

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Stagnant Pond?

Stagnant pond…L & D That’s the claim Are we? Stag-a-nant Oooo-oor… Are we waiting, wanting for more? (I’ve  been called cynical before.)   L&D….Can’t You See I’m doing this for you…not me L&D….Can’t You See I’m doing this for you…not me  

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Have You Heard??

It’s the networked age. There is so much stuff. For me its always personal. All opinions are my own. On any given day. I do not fight (unless provoked.) Love is far better, in my experience. Much love, s0ngb1rd

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A few of my favourite terms…

“I missed the memo!!’ “Man Alive!!” “Big Deal!!” “You’re point being??” “I’m not stupidl!” (Questionable!  but never challenge me on this to my face…I am after all…a woman / ladette !!:)) You must think I was born in Columbo land

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TV Presenting – Ben TV with Lester Holloway

For the last few weeks I have been doing some TV presenting with Lester Holloway. A 1 hour show with a political slant. The shows are broadcast on BEN TV (Sky 182) and online at Ben Television. As we are coming

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