My Roots…

  My Roots are deep And tho I weep Foundations are unshakeable My loving knows no limits And my dignity’s untakeable My dignity’s untakeable My dignity’s untakeable My loving knows no limits And my dignity’s untakeable My heart it beats

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Happy Holidays – A Year On

I wrote this last year on 24th December 2014. I didn’t post it as I thought it would prompt people who know me to grow concerned. It also seemed a bit depressing (understatement of that particular year!) Anyways…nearly a year on…I

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Museum of World Cultures – Barcelona

Last week, I took a well deserved break and went to Barcelona for a few days. I’m not going to go into the whole trip, don’t want to bore you to tears. But it was fascinating. It seems as though

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Blackmale Beats & Meakoom: Converse Rubber Tracks

Last year I wrote a post about a South London production duo that I met. Blackmale Beats had an inspiring show at the Tate Gallery.  That was my first time meeting them. Since that time I have been involved with

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Mon Couer – Ode To France

My last post was all about Britishness. Considering the world focus on France at the moment, I thought I’d share the first live performance my band Bastedo did a few years back. A collaboration between the French members who made

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  Britishness There are two sides to Britishness, The good one and the bad. The British Empire’s Legacy Can sometimes make us glad. We see all we’ve accomplished Then we say its job well done. We drown out any sorrows

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Let Me Be

Last week went into the rehearsal studio and recorded some live performances. Nothing fancy. Enough to showcase the music and overall sound Verse 1 In this restaurant of life I don’t wanna wash the plates Or be the waitress at the

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