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Learning Technologies 2014 – Better Late Than Never

On January 29th – 30th I attended the annual Learning Technologies Conference. Its always a great event for myriad reasons. Not least because its an opportunity to catch up with my peers in the field..and what a great bunch they

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Learning Technologies Preamble – #LT13UK

I’m Alex Watson aka @s0ngb1rd. By day I am a Senior Learning and Development Consultant. Listen to this piece of audio to find out a bit about my role: listen to ‘Who Am I’ on Audioboo I also run a band called Bastedo. These activities keep me pre…

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Where there’s a will…Learning Provision come what may

Life’s a funny old game. Have you ever spoken to someone who just couldn’t see opportunities? I mean, they would complain about their circumstances, and have many reasons why they couldn’t do something? I’ve had numerous conversations like this ov…

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Xtranormal Examples – More brain dumps

Here’s a few xtranormal videos I created for different purposes. Induction, Graduate Communities and a meeting request to trial a new application. Here a just a few examples of how these can be used to communicate information within organisations….

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Learning by Reflection – My L&D blogging lessons

I wrote my first blog for this site at the end of 2010: It was only a short post, so I’ll repost here, and I’ll tell you for why in a minute. In life, I wear many hats. I am going through…

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Learning by Doing……The Story So Far

The last few months have been quite up and down for me with regards to my work and position within my organisation. We have many challenges, some of which were touched on in previous posts (The video’s I filmed at Online Educa in Berlin were in di…

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