Weary of Hashtag Movements? – #MeToo #TimesUp #ImWithMo etc

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Gosh…who is nearly hashtag movemented out?

Another petition to sign on behalf of yet another worthwhile cause. Another viral campaign, lasting for 11 hours or thereabouts….before the next one crops up.

I know many who have tuned out of the digital landsacpe altoghether. Others just drown out those voices they no longer have the energy or capacity to listen to.

However, whether we like it or not…these social phenomena are creating waves of change…and in response, the webmasters of the universe are working alongside governments to ‘manage’ dissenting voices.

I’ve noticed a few things people do when they become overwhelmed with the sheer weight (of issues) and volumes (of traffic) they have been subjected to:

  1. Log off temporarily: Usually a tweeted statement about a deluge they have been facing online, or a workload away from social spaces not being attended to, or needing to be attended to.
  2. Post memes or videos of cats: This seems to be another way to create a digital logjam in the incessant ‘programming.’ from voices you’d rather not hear
  3. Post memes or videos of children: preferably you’re own..but other peoples cute children caught in random acts of cuteness also go down really well
  4. Cling to type: Studiously avoid all content that would burst a comforting digital bubble you have created for yourself, by minimising where you receive information
  5. Block/Shed Followers: Unfollow or remove persistant and annoying offenders from your social spaces. This is often done on Twitter with a simple ‘Blocked,” accompanied by screen shot of offending blockee. In Facebook, it is likely to be a more considered post about ‘types of people’ you no longer wish to be associated with.

These are just a few of the top of my head…I’m sure you can think of some more? The point is, we can all become overwhelmed by the sheer weight of traffic, but also the seemingly graver and graver information we are being exposed to. Not just information as in the actual data we view, but the isues they relate to and our impotence to affect any real change save from behind a screen!

The latest movement I’ve become aware of is #ImWithMo, a call from Comedienne and Oscar winner (for her role in the film Precious) to boycott Netflix over Gender and Race disparities in pay rewards for appearances in shows or commissioning new content for the platform.

I actually nearly missed this one, due to the amounts of traffic online and my focus being elsewhere. However, its one I identify with strongly…as well as the other hashtags in the title of this post. #MeToo and #TimesUp. These have been commented on extensively, so I won’t add anything to them right here or right now. However…today I cancelled my Netflix subscription in support of  #ImWithMo. This is a sacrificial act!! I’m not on Netflix all the time, but I do watch lots of content, especially Comedies and Documentaries. My Grandson also watches lots of children’s content, so he is not going to be happy when he realises what I have done!

I have written fairly extensively on this blog and in other publications about experiences of sexism and racism. I try not to make them my central themes, but its hard to step away from…

a) Who you are in reality and

b) How that effects you in day to day reality.

As much as I may wish it were not so. Just seems like a black woman is not entitled to be all of who she is alot of the time. Her experiences are diminished, and she is reduced to a position of ‘lesser’ than another human being. Surely #TimesUp?



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