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Jamaica, D-Medz and other good stuff

  Jamaica. Land of wood and water. A truly, truly, beautiful, awesome, magnificent, splendid and magical island. It nice man…fi real! 🙂 There is a magical quality to the island and its people that one needs to experience for oneself. You’ll

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Police & Thieves – RIP Junior Murvin

My last couple of posts have had a social justice theme. I’ve always have a strong sense of social justice. Today I heard that Junior Murvin had past away. RIP Mr. Murvin. Many of you may not have heard of

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Blue sky thinking?

Here is a short clip that I took with my Flip camera from the plane as I was flying over Jamaica late last year. I just wanted to share it as it’s beautiful. If Blue Sky Thinking means that my head is in the clouds, then I don’t want to touch the …

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