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Weary of Hashtag Movements? – #MeToo #TimesUp #ImWithMo etc

Gosh…who is nearly hashtag movemented out? Another petition to sign on behalf of yet another worthwhile cause. Another viral campaign, lasting for 11 hours or thereabouts….before the next one crops up. I know many who have tuned out of the

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Have A Nice Day

Another one I wrote waaaay back with Chaz Jankel…but feels very relevant. I do have a recorded version but I think it needs work. May share it…until then…here are the lyrics: Hello Mrs. Tired and Weary Can I help you Ma’am?

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Learning Technologies 2016

Originally posted on SQUISH:
Last month was the annual Learning Technologies Conference #LTUK16,  held in London’s Olympia. This was the second year that the conference hosted the Google Room For Reflection. A special area for some of the conference participants to share…

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Learning Now TV

Originally posted on SQUISH:
Learning In The Workflow Tomorrow Alex, Director of Learning, Technology and Performance Consultancy, SQUISH Media, will be recording a segment for Learning Now TV. Alex will  be discussing Learning In The Workflow with Nigel Paine. What does it mean?…

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My Roots…

  My Roots are deep And tho I weep Foundations are unshakeable My loving knows no limits And my dignity’s untakeable My dignity’s untakeable My dignity’s untakeable My loving knows no limits And my dignity’s untakeable My heart it beats

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Happy Holidays – A Year On

I wrote this last year on 24th December 2014. I didn’t post it as I thought it would prompt people who know me to grow concerned. It also seemed a bit depressing (understatement of that particular year!) Anyways…nearly a year on…I

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Museum of World Cultures – Barcelona

Last week, I took a well deserved break and went to Barcelona for a few days. I’m not going to go into the whole trip, don’t want to bore you to tears. But it was fascinating. It seems as though

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