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Museum of World Cultures – Barcelona

Last week, I took a well deserved break and went to Barcelona for a few days. I’m not going to go into the whole trip, don’t want to bore you to tears. But it was fascinating. It seems as though

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Britishness There are two sides to Britishness, The good one and the bad. The British Empire’s Legacy Can sometimes make us glad. We see all we’ve accomplished Then we say its job well done. We drown out any sorrows We

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TV Presenting – Ben TV with Lester Holloway

For the last few weeks I have been doing some TV presenting with Lester Holloway. A 1 hour show with a political slant. The shows are broadcast on BEN TV (Sky 182) and online at Ben Television. As we are coming

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Why I bought but didn’t wear a poppy – WW1 Poppies exhibition

I decided on a whim today to go and take in the poppies exhibition as this is the last day. I do feel that we glorify war in this country. Its a big industry, weapons. I’d tweeted a little on

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My Human Zoo Diatribe

Furore Now that the furore is dying down, I thought I’d say my piece on the maelstrom that was Brett Bailey’s Exhibit B, re-dubbed Human Zoo by those of us who opposed it, to reflect the dubious history of the ‘artform.’

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EPMD – London – April 4th 2014, The Forum, Kentish Town!!

Next Friday on April 4th in the Forum, Kentish Town. Some Hip-hop legends will be here in London to serve as a reminder to all us hip-hop kids….just how far we have come. I’m really excited about this one. You

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My experiences at International Women’s Day – Brighton

On Saturday 8th of March, I was down at the Jubilee Library in Brighton taking part in some events to mark International Women’s Day. Jubilee Library is more than just a library. It’s a community hub, and 7 days a

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George Clinton and The Mother(ship) of all weekends!

It’s not often you get to get up close and personal to musical legends of this calibre. To absorb the mastery from close quarters, in a intimate setting, in their natural home…in this case the stage and the studio! And

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RIP Alexandra Bastedo

Where to begin? [View the story “Alexandra Bastedo” on Storify] As many of you know, I, Alex Watson, was named after Alexandra Bastedo. My childhood nickname was Bastedo. I wasn’t really aware of the show the Champions at that time,

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Corruption & Accountability

This week Boris Johnson spoke about the benefits of inequality, and the goodness of greed and envy in fostering competition.  I believe this is just the kind of crass, arrogant mumbo jumbo that is extremely damaging to civil society. If

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