About me

I’m Alex Watson, a Musician and also a Learning, Technology and Performance Consultant. I have been involved with and/or immersed in some form of Training, Learning and Technology based work for the last 20 years. I have also followed my passion as a singer/songwriter throughout. To view more about my musical endeavours, visit the Music page.

These Days

Alongside my musical pursuits, I am extolling the benefits of Social Media, Blogging, Mobile Learning, Video…and anything else based on technology and how it supports learning, personal growth and organisational development. I develop, provide and can deliver learning strategies, be that in the form of workshops, online learning, performance support, that best suit your requirements.

If you need assistance with your Learning & Development Strategy, Social Media training or  require Musical Entertainment or Workshops  for corporate or private events, please contact me at alex@squishmedia.co.uk, call 07941 661427, or Skype: al_s0ngb1rd, to discuss your requirements.

Bit of Background

I worked with an online bookstore long before Amazon started putting books online. I loved this job because as a young mother, it was local, part time and fun and I had a real passion for books, especially where they related to the black experience. Downside was I spent a lot of my wages on books!

I then worked with an education provider selling CD’s online and partnering with schools to supply them with curriculum based learning support when the web was in its infancy. I helped them to revise their business model, which had them paying a travelling salesmen to traverse the UK, each with a company car. I demonstrated how we could use an Avon style home based selling model, using the parents themselves as salespeople via the home based sales using direct marketing.

I continued working with the web, back when a 28k modem was de rigueur. I was also practicing remote working back then, although thats not what it was called at the time. Broadband was just starting to take off, and my job involved running a database for Channel 4’s Cultural Diversity Network. I connected into their systems, monitored web activity using webtrends. Scoped website updates and enlisted and screened potential database candidates. I also conducted surveys on its usage and usefulness (Evaluation.) I heard about broadband and faster speeds. I asked if I could have one of these connections as the speed of online access was so slow. They agreed.

IT Training

After this job, I then became a trainer, teaching a wide range of topics starting with MS Word and Excel then moving on to Introduction to Computing, Dreamweaver, Adobe In-design, Logic Audio and many others. In the media centre where I worked, I became the first tutor to deliver accredited training. I also taught more subjects than any other tutor there.

From there, I started working in an global design, engineering and management consultancy, delivering and designing training for the organisations CRM, HRM and Finance systems. You’d find me with a flight case loaded with 6 laptops and peripherals as I travelled Great Britain in a very nice Honda Civic delivering training to colleagues across the length and breadth of the land. There was one occasion when I completed some sessions in Leeds, then drove to Birmingham for my sessions the next day… only to realise I had left my suitcase back at the hotel in Leeds! Doh!! I had to drive all the way back. Thats about 120 miles each way…you do the math. You have to laugh at these things don’t you? Hehe


I then moved to last organisation, developing the training for a risk based asset management software product for the field of physical asset management. I was part of a fantastic team of extremely bright software developers and engineers. I delivered training both face to face and online in places such as the Energy Corridor in Houston to oil, gas, chemicals and transportation companies to port crane operators in Hong Kong. I introduced internally developed video based learning into my organisation using storyboarding, Subject Matter Expertise input and incorporating internal knowledge to support internal and external client centric solutions.

Check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn. http://lnkd.in/rER2fJ

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