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Have A Nice Day

Another one I wrote waaaay back with Chaz Jankel…but feels very relevant. I do have a recorded version but I think it needs work. May share it…until then…here are the lyrics: Hello Mrs. Tired and Weary Can I help you Ma’am?

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Britishness There are two sides to Britishness, The good one and the bad. The British Empire’s Legacy Can sometimes make us glad. We see all we’ve accomplished Then we say its job well done. We drown out any sorrows We

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Deep under the ocean….

Deep under the ocean The bones of lost slaves lie Gone but not forgotten In the years gone by Painful was the journey Death a sweet release And know only the ocean knows Where my blood rests in peace

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All That Jazz

This coming Saturday I shall be performing some Jazz standards with Stardust Big Band. This is a big deal for me, and hopefully the start of more opportunities to sing some Jazz alongside my other musical activities. I not an

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International Women’s Day – Supa Sistas

Ladies, If you’re in the Brighton area on Saturday. Come down and get your iconic photograph taken. I’ll also be taking a turn on the mic during the day, Flyer for International Women’s Day Event in Brighton

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George Clinton and The Mother(ship) of all weekends!

It’s not often you get to get up close and personal to musical legends of this calibre. To absorb the mastery from close quarters, in a intimate setting, in their natural home…in this case the stage and the studio! And

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RIP Alexandra Bastedo

Where to begin? [View the story “Alexandra Bastedo” on Storify] As many of you know, I, Alex Watson, was named after Alexandra Bastedo. My childhood nickname was Bastedo. I wasn’t really aware of the show the Champions at that time,

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Those Words – Cut So Deep

­ I was reading a post from Leadership specialist Michael Hyatt.  He was speaking about the impact that our words can have. This lyric that I wrote about a year ago came to mind. Its about the same things. There

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Lady sings the blues

Originally posted on The Music of Business:
Introducing Alex Watson.  By day, Alex works as a senior manager for Lloyds Register in London – A high pressure / high performance job.  She manages to combine this with being lead singer…

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U Built The Bridge – Check ma lyrics

This post is dedicated to all who came before and paved the way…and especially for my Mum. Love you Mum. I was given the book The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle for my birthday by my Bastedo bandmate Celia. Thanks Love x. Other people had also tol…

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