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Have A Nice Day

Another one I wrote waaaay back with Chaz Jankel…but feels very relevant. I do have a recorded version but I think it needs work. May share it…until then…here are the lyrics: Hello Mrs. Tired and Weary Can I help you Ma’am?

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Mon Couer – Ode To France

My last post was all about Britishness. Considering the world focus on France at the moment, I thought I’d share the first live performance my band Bastedo did a few years back. A collaboration between the French members who made

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Let Me Be

Last week Bastedo went into the rehearsal studio and recorded some live performances. Nothing fancy. Enough to showcase the music and overall sound Verse 1 In this restaurant of life I don’t wanna wash the plates Or be the waitress at the

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Bastedo Gig write up

This post is also available at It was great to back and performing. Last night at The Garage, Highbury & Islington was a great way to get back into the swing of things. This time it was the Bastedo

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Mindfulness, Vitality, Nutrition & Exercise

Mindfulness This morning I had the pleasure of participating in a Google Hangout on Mindfulness At Work with Author and New York Times journalist David Gelles, Chairman of the Learning Technolgies Conference, Don Taylor…hosted by Dreamtek. The invite from Don

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RIP Alexandra Bastedo

Where to begin? [View the story “Alexandra Bastedo” on Storify] As many of you know, I, Alex Watson, was named after Alexandra Bastedo. My childhood nickname was Bastedo. I wasn’t really aware of the show the Champions at that time,

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U Built The Bridge – Check ma lyrics

This post is dedicated to all who came before and paved the way…and especially for my Mum. Love you Mum. I was given the book The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle for my birthday by my Bastedo bandmate Celia. Thanks Love x. Other people had also tol…

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