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Sexism, Glass Ceilings, Gender Bias – Is L&D Guilty?

Women in L&D A lot being said about this of late in the L& D world. I’m waiting for the racism debate…but that shall have to wait. This is an attempt to co-ordinate some of the myriad thoughts about this weighty

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TV Presenting – Ben TV with Lester Holloway

For the last few weeks I have been doing some TV presenting with Lester Holloway. A 1 hour show with a political slant. The shows are broadcast on BEN TV (Sky 182) and online at Ben Television. As we are coming

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#LT15UK – Google Hangouts (Part 2)

Background Last week I attended the Learning Technologies Conference. Having been active with the backchannel team over the last few years, this year I was tasked with assisting with the Google Hangouts dubbed “Room of Reflection.” My role was to get in the

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Mindfulness, Vitality, Nutrition & Exercise

Mindfulness This morning I had the pleasure of participating in a Google Hangout on Mindfulness At Work with Author and New York Times journalist David Gelles, Chairman of the Learning Technolgies Conference, Don Taylor…hosted by Dreamtek. The invite from Don

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Learning Technologies 2014 – Better Late Than Never

On January 29th – 30th I attended the annual Learning Technologies Conference. Its always a great event for myriad reasons. Not least because its an opportunity to catch up with my peers in the field..and what a great bunch they

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Innovation in Asset Management – NxtGen – National Grid

On March 5th, National Grid hosted an event with NxtGen. NxtGen is an membership organisation of young asset management professionals globally, organised around the aims of sustaining and evolving the field of Asset Management for future generations. It was also

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Innovation in Asset Intensive Industries – Heated Debate

Promotional Material for the event to be held at National Grid, Warwick

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Benchmark for Business Leadership Conference (with Steve Radcliffe and Simon Sinek)

On February 6th 2014, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Benchmark for Business Leadership conference, sponsored by Insights. Before  I begin, I’d like to give an extra special mention to David Lennon from GetAbstracts, Andy Lothian

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Google Glasses – Test Drive

I’ve had a lot going on of late. I’ve been meaning to do several write-ups…but the road to hell is paved with good intentions 🙂 Therefore  I’ll attempt to update you with some of those things that have been happening

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Mixing business with pleasure

For this post, I thought I’d introduce a great technology tool I found online. I’m using one of my favourite artist’s Nina Simone, as a vehicle. (Click here to view the video)  Authentication required. Products such as Annotag, have been

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