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Britishness There are two sides to Britishness, The good one and the bad. The British Empire’s Legacy Can sometimes make us glad. We see all we’ve accomplished Then we say its job well done. We drown out any sorrows We

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Faceless Men in Suits

Wrote this one a couple of months back in my lots of poems coming through phase 🙂 #Gaza #Ebola #Inequality #EconomicCrisis etc, etc, etc These faceless men in suits Decide our fate and loot This faceless apathy They disregard humanity

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Could We? – A Soliloquy

I wrote this poem about a month ago now. It came to me one morning…the morning of my Bastedo bandmate Celia’s Hen Weekend Celebrations. I’ve dedicated this to her and her soon to be hubby… Could We? Could we reclaim

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