Big Ben Show, BEN TV

The Big Ben Show is a weekly show that I co-hosted with Lester Holloway on BEN Television (Sky 182.)  in 2015. We generally discussed Politics and Current Affairs, mainly from an Afrocentric perspective. These are some of the archives.

Theresa May MP, Leroy Logan, Black Police Association and Employment Lawyer Paul McFarlane,  Martin Hoyles, Historian

Ricardo Smith (Lambeth Tigers) & Annika Allen – Media Specialist, Journalist

Ricardo discusses his work with Young People in football, and Annika addresses representation within the BBC.

Paul Reid, Director, Black Cultural Archives

Director of Black Cultural Archives discusses his work, the legacy and future of the BCA and much more

Dr Runoko Rashidi , Historian & Juwon Ogungbe, Musician

Dr Runoko Rashidi talks African History and Juwon Ogungbe discusses his upcoming Glastonbury appearance and the conrtoversy surrounding Kanye West.

Paul McFarlane –  Employment Lawyer, Chantal Miller – Creative Director & Patrick Vernon – OBE

We catch up on the news with Employment Lawyer Paul McFarlane.  We also discuss Mental Health with Patrick Vernon OBE and Evolving Black British Identity post 2015 General Election with Chantal Miller from Chanti Media

 Election Breakdown –  Teena Lashmore – LibDem PPC & Professor Gus John, Educational Consultant

Themes include a post election breakdown. Also Teena has some really interesting things to share about the UK monetary system, and Professor Gus John breaks down the Education system, academies and big business in education. Very enlightening

Professor Hakim Adi, Historian

Pan-Africanist, Author and Professor of African Studies at Chichester University, Hakim Adi joins us to discuss the upcoming election

John Mayford, Director – Olmec,  and Emmanuel Atinwoku – Journalist

Chief Executive of Olmec, John discusses Social Enterprises, and Journalist and Blogger Emmanuel talks about  the immigration crisis.

Andrew Muhammed – The Investigator. Prof Paul Reynolds & Operation Black Vote

Andrew runs  The Investigator,  an organisation that specialises in the teaching black history and empowering young people from all walks of life.  Professor Reynolds discusses standing for London Mayor and Operation Black Vote  join from  the election ‘Battle Bus.’

Teena Lashmore & Yahaya Kiyingi (LibDem PPCs)

Lib Dem PPC’s discuss being Lib Dems and their thoughts on the upcoming elections

Lee Jasper – BARAC, REPECT Party & Rashid Nix, London Mayoral Candidate, Green Party

Guest were Activist Lee Jasper and Green Party Candidate Rashid Nix Green Party. Does Trevor Phillips speak on behalf on ethnic minorities. Corruption in the Metropolitan Police and other stuff. Its no holds barred people.

 Josie Channer (Labour Cllr) & Linda Jack (LibDem MP)

Labour Councillor Josie Channer and Lib Dem Councillor Linda Jack discuss electoral issues

David Lammy – Labour MP,  London Mayoral Candidate & Simon Woolley – Director Operation Black Vote

Prospective London Mayoral Candidate and Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy discusses him campaign for London Mayor. Simon Woolley from Operation Black Vote joins live from launch of voter registration bus.

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