Blackmale Beats & Meakoom: Converse Rubber Tracks

Rubber Tracks

Last year I wrote a post about a South London production duo that I met. Blackmale Beats had an inspiring show at the Tate Gallery.  That was my first time meeting them.

Since that time I have been involved with them in a music making capacity, and also consulting on social media, as well as growing in appreciation for their artistic take on music, branding, art and social commentary.

I was honoured to be asked to do some backing vocals for one of the the artists that they manage…Meakoom.

Last week, we all headed to Converse’s Rubber Tracks Studio in deepest Docklands, where Blackmale Beats and Meakoom spent the day recording a track for her upcoming EP.  The track was called Children Of The Sun, and as late as the evening of the day before…the song was still not completely written! However, I’ve heard some of the stuff these guys have been working on, so I wasn’t worried!! Besides Meakoom, is a gifted writer, and Blackmale Beats are inspired producers.

We had a really lovely day aboard this converted ship, completed with multi track studio and live recording room. It also has two self contained flats!!  It’s always great to be involved in something which has an air of magic about it.

And here is a copy of the latest release from Meakoom, soon to be available on all digital retailers. Get with the program people.

Much Love



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One comment on “Blackmale Beats & Meakoom: Converse Rubber Tracks
  1. Pauline Watson says:

    That’s a nice song.

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