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My experiences at International Women’s Day – Brighton

On Saturday 8th of March, I was down at the Jubilee Library in Brighton taking part in some events to mark International Women’s Day. Jubilee Library is more than just a library. It’s a community hub, and 7 days a

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RIP Alexandra Bastedo

Where to begin? [View the story “Alexandra Bastedo” on Storify] As many of you know, I, Alex Watson, was named after Alexandra Bastedo. My childhood nickname was Bastedo. I wasn’t really aware of the show the Champions at that time,

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Alexandra Champions Bastedo – Geddit?

My band got a mention in the Daily Mail yesterday courtesy of Alexandra Bastedo. The open day at Alex’s animal santuary is open to the public, and for a worthy cause, so please feel free to attend and show support for her work and/or for us. Here …

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