I’m a Singer. A Songwriter. A Top Line Writer. A Lyricist. (Hey, aren’t those the same things!!) A Performer and occasional Poet. I attempt to create value and meaning through words, voice and song. I am Founder and Lead Singer of a fantastic band. Bastedo was formed in 2010, and we continue to perform, release music, grow and evolve. You can find out more about the band and its members at our website which has links to YouTube, Band Soundcloud etc

If you would like to hire my band for one of your events or need some other type of musical assistance, be it a creativity workshop, a songwriting workshop or to ‘synergise’ and ‘co-create.’ I am part of a great network of creatives which affords me the ability to create something really special in collaboration with you depending on your requirements. Please drop me a line to discuss. (The contact form is at the bottom of this page)

Here’s an example of my contribution to one of many musical projects I have been involved in. This video goes back a while, and its me working with Border Crossing on their first album, More To Life. 

Music is extremely important to me. Listening to it and creating my own. And helping you to create something meaningful as well.

Here’s a couple more video’s of me in Bastedo capacity

This one was a first time direct by photographer

An early Bastedo Interview and an early foray for me into seeing what YouTube was all about. You can find the rest of the band interviews (the line up has since changed) at Bastedo’s YouTube

Get in touch to discuss your requirements

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