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Talk like a businessman…

Talk like a businessman….

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Goodbye Posterous…Hello WordPress

I’ve been blogging intermittently for a couple of years now. Rambling, musing, ranting on this or that. Mainly to do with Learning and Development…but not always. I really liked posterous, but you know what they say…nothing lasts forever. I’ve migrated

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Where there’s a will…Learning Provision come what may

Life’s a funny old game. Have you ever spoken to someone who just couldn’t see opportunities? I mean, they would complain about their circumstances, and have many reasons why they couldn’t do something? I’ve had numerous conversations like this ov…

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This weekends events…not Carnival

I’ll be performing at the Alexandra Bastedo Animal Sanctuary this weekend with Internationally renowned virtuoso pianist Simon Mulligan (I’m not worthy :)) Hooked up with him earlier today, and among the many fascinating things he spoke to me abou…

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Alexandra Champions Bastedo – Geddit?

My band got a mention in the Daily Mail yesterday courtesy of Alexandra Bastedo. The open day at Alex’s animal santuary is open to the public, and for a worthy cause, so please feel free to attend and show support for her work and/or for us. Here …

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The day I met….’The Blog Father’ – Tom Kuhlmann Master Class: Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro

Yesterday I attended the Charity Learning Consortium Master Class being held by Articulate guru and community manager Tom Kuhlmann. The Articulate Community boasts over 100,000 members and is a great example of how an online community can thrive, …

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Blue sky thinking?

Here is a short clip that I took with my Flip camera from the plane as I was flying over Jamaica late last year. I just wanted to share it as it’s beautiful. If Blue Sky Thinking means that my head is in the clouds, then I don’t want to touch the …

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