Let Me Be

Last week Bastedo went into the rehearsal studio and recorded some live performances. Nothing fancy. Enough to showcase the music and overall sound

Verse 1

In this restaurant of life I don’t wanna wash the plates

Or be the waitress at the table of delicious legacy

I wouldn’t mind if those who dined on all the finest food

Had a little bit of integrity


Then I could be me

Living a gay soiree

In very fine company

Nothin wouldn’t bother me

Oh what fun we’d see

I’d live and they’d Let me be

Be, be, they’d Let me be

Verse 2

The owner of the restaurant like pleasant clientele

Who know how to behave and when to leave

He sees my plight night after night

I hope he makes a mental note

Gonna give that girl my secret recipe

Chorus repeat



Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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