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For the last few weeks I have been doing some TV presenting with Lester Holloway. A 1 hour show with a political slant. The shows are broadcast on BEN TV (Sky 182) and online at Ben Television.

As we are coming up to a general election in May, we will attempt to focus on election issues and conduct interviews with MP’s,  Local Councillors, Potential Candidates and any other persons of interest.

We focus a fair amount but not solely on issues that face the Black and Ethnic Minority Communities. I feel this is important for the following reasons:

  1. This demographic is under represented by all mainstream media
  2. The mainstream narrative is often hostile both covertly an overtly to this demographic
  3. Many of the contributors we have on do not get a chance to share their views on the mainstream..even those with a fairly high profile
  4. Its a chance to broaden the debate and cover BAME issues from an afro-centric, local, national and global perspective

Lester Holloway

Up until recently, Lester was a Lib Dem councillor. He has also been editor of The Voice and New Nation newspapers, as well as a stint presenting on Colourful radio. His knowledge of local and national government workings is par excellence. I love working with enthusiastic people with a love of their subject area. These are the best people to sit at the feet and learn from. Therefore, this has been an very pleasurable experience to date.

I have always taken an interest in politics. I’ve always been very aware of the political process. I’m a keen watcher of a lot of political output…and I think this is one of the reasons I am co-presenting on this show.

The Political Machine

My first understanding of the political machine happened when I was about 10 years old. We, as a house group (Herga/Red,) comprising 1/4 of the schools population elected from all 4 year groups, had to choose a House Captain.

The vote was done by secret ballot, and whoever got the most votes from year 10, would become House Captain. In the first vote for the first term, that person was almost unanimously me!!

However, during the course of the first term, I felt the duties were not properly explained. I was missing a lot of my breaks having to stand in the corridor, for what appeared to be no reason whatsoever. None that I could fathom. Then their was the edict that I pick up rubbish. Even at 10…my sense of the fairness of this was alerted, and I dids’t protest to the teachers.

The next term when it was time to reelect. The teachers did a lot more ‘campaigning’ and bringing the case to the ‘impressionable’ students as to whom they should vote for.

Do not vote for someone just because you like them! Do not vote for someone just because they are popular and so on, and so on. Even at the tender age of 10, I stood incredulous at the teachers attempts to rig the vote against me. By a barely hidden campaign to demonstrate my unsuitability!!

Its a lesson I’ve never forgotten.

Learning Opportunity

As a Learning and Development Consultant, I believe in lifelong, continual learning. I like to call it cross-training for the brain.  Sometimes this learning needs to be specific and based around specific subject area, mission critical task (s), event etc. Other times, we learn for the sheer fun of it. Or because we are inspired for some reason or other.

After my first show, I was given some feedback by Lester, as to how I might improve my presenting skills. I’ll share these in an upcoming post. However, to his credit…Lester always makes sure we have a briefing at least a day before the show, to discuss the guests that are coming on, and the general shape of the show.

Once we get to the studio, we can peruse most of the broadsheet and tabloid press of the day and if we like  we can fold any outstanding items or issues of the day, into any interviews.

This week

I’ve only done 2 shows so far, but it has been a very enjoyable experience. This week Mayor for London Candidate and MP for Tottenham, David Lammy / @DavidLammy.  His campaign seems to be gathering pace, and he is a well respected politician, so I’m looking forward to this.

Previous Shows

Previous shows I have worked on have included:

Kingsley Abrams – Activist, resigned from Labour after 30 years @KingsleyAbrams

Florence Eshalomi – Labour Councillor, Lambeth @FloNosegbe

Ben Hamdache – Green Party Equality spokesperson @GreenBenali

Clive Morrison – UKIP Candidate, Hornsey & Wood Green @CliveMUKIP

Emmanuel Akinwotu – Blogger and Journalist @ea_akin

David Weaver – Operation Black Vote  @OpBlackVote






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