Meet The Band (Part 1)

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So what does a band with a sound all of its own need?  An eclectic bunch of musicians, that’s what!!!

By now you should all know who Alex, Sophia and Celia are but this seems as good a time as any to properly introduce you to the guys behind the girls.

A tight knit group, the Bastedo boys have played in many different projects together, both as band members and session musicians.

In this blog we shall meet the rhythm section: Musical Director, Alex and Producer, Aaron.

Electric and Upright Bass – Alex Moore (Musical Director)

Having studied Jazz Music at Middlesex University, Alex has worked on the session scene with many signed artists and producers on both Electric and Upright Bass. This has involved numerous appearances on all the major UK TV and Radio stations and performing live to audiences in their thousands in the UK and Europe. He has also performed in pit bands for many theatre productions.

He is endorsed by Ashdown Engineering and Elites Strings and uses Fender Jazz basses.

Drums & Percussion – Aaron Thompson (Producer)

With over 10 years of experience within radio broadcasting, recording, live and chamber performance environments in the UK and across Europe, Aaron has played with many leading signed and unsigned artists, with clients spanning from the BBC to independent and commercial record labels, production companies and county groups.

As a producer Aaron trained at SAE Oxford and the University of Leeds (BSc/MMus) coupled with 9 years experience as a sound engineer.  His client base spans across various contexts such as lead engineer with a multi-award winning producer at a London recording studio, voluntary work for various other leading London recording studios and freelancing professionally from his personal studio, Pana Studios, in NW London.

He proudly plays Tama drums and Bosphorus cymbals.

In the next instalment we’ll meet those gents at the front Guitarist, Ed Dampier and Keyboards, Matt Bethel.

See you then.


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