I was made for such a time as this

I’m reblogging this, as I’m in a period of deeper engagement with all things social media. All will become clear

s0ngb1rd says...

This is a quote from the bible, and I used it in one of my songs. You can find the lyrics at the end of this post and I have provided a link to the album  I’ll explain….

http://bible.cc/esther/4-14.htm (These are various versions of the bible verse)

I wrote a song with Chaz Jankel a couple of years ago for his album, The Submarine Has Surfaced: http://chazjankel.com/submarine.html

I hadn’t spoken to Chaz for perhaps a few years, but I had seen somewhere online that he was working on the soundtrack for a film about Ian Dury’s life. I contacted him to congratulate him, and it just so happened that he was working on a album project and would I like to be involved…hell yeah!

Chaz had written a few songs and I did vocals for them. As some of you may know..I am a songwriter, so more often than not…

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