Faceless Men in Suits

Wrote this one a couple of months back in my lots of poems coming through phase 🙂 #Gaza #Ebola #Inequality #EconomicCrisis etc, etc, etc

These faceless men in suits

Decide our fate and loot

This faceless apathy

They disregard humanity

A power hungry type

Destructions their delight

Inflations just a game they play to tinker with our energy


So just what happens next?

I’m existential vexed

Stuck inside of helplessness

A wreck. A bloody mess

I need a higher power

Right now, this very hour

At times I feel I’ll slip away

Abyss don’t seem so far


So what does it mean?

Shouldn’t we be free?

A day when no-one has to pay

A restitution. Holiday

We’d all go on our merry way

And like a scene from in a play

We’d make a pact to re-enact

A new improved today


So what’s the deal?

Are we for real?

Said are we truly satisfied

With this holy homicide

Where they conquer and divide

Hide behind a web of lies

In plain sight…but in disguise
Much Love

Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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7 comments on “Faceless Men in Suits
  1. Like it or not the men (and women) in suits have the resources to make the world a better place. To influence their minds, we are better off inside the tent working on them rather than outside – good poem

    • s0ngb1rd says:

      No.1 Thanks for your comments. I rarely receive them so its always nice to get them 🙂

      No.2 Inside the tent? The tent is the earth…or what would you call ‘The Tent?’

      No.3 We all have choices, but not always resources. The choices we have are often limited by the resources that we can access or utilise. Yes…its can also be lack of imagination.These resources are not distributed equitably or ethically.

      No.4 I believe the issues are spiritual, as are the solutions. Perhaps ‘faceless men in suits’ will have a road to Damascus moment?

  2. TRCRC says:

    As ever Peter, your ‘passion’ is rightly tempered. ‘Inside the tent’ is the way it’s got to be.

    However hugely frustrating that ‘the obvious’ has to be constantly ‘beaten out upon the drum’ –
    ……cos the ‘obvious – i.e plain common sense – seems, throughout history – the last to dawn.

    ‘Nil carborundum’ (sic)…………and………….. Onwards and upwards.

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