All That Jazz

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This coming Saturday I shall be performing some Jazz standards with Stardust Big Band. This is a big deal for me, and hopefully the start of more opportunities to sing some Jazz alongside my other musical activities. I not an dogged muso when it comes to any music….but I do love to write songs, I love to sing and love listening to music. Its never far from my thoughts See my Innovation post from a few months back.

I’ll be singing the following numbers:

  1. Almost Like Being In Love
  2. Orange Coloured Sky
  3. Route 66
  4. This Can’t Be Love
  5. Too Darn Hot
  6. Girl from Ipanema
  7. Cheek to Cheek

How did this come about?

Alex Moore plays double bass with Stardust Big Band, alongside some fantastic musicians, and for the last few moths or so, has been working with me as co -Musical Director for my band Bastedo. We are making slow but steady progress in that area. (I’ll write a post about this on the Bastedo Blog at some point)


I was watching a musical evening on Jazz shows and documentaries on BBC2, late one evening last year. As the programmes were rolling….I was tweeting about some of what I was seeing and experiencing. Then I made a comment that I would love to perform with the double bass. From that comment I was put in touch with Alex by Guy Cresswell from Promus Productions.

After a coy musical courtship on social media…it took about another 8 or so months to finally meet up with Alex to discuss ‘musical synergies’ (sorry :)) Now I can’t get rid of him!! However, I do feel that this foray into the world of Jazz singing some of the greats by Ella, Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra etc…is the culmination of a long nursed dream.

When I listen to or watch Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday. I get misty eyed at their brilliance….and want to emulate it in some way.

So…if your Ruislip way on Saturday..we’ll be at the Royal British Legion…entertaining the old dears, and hopefully bringing them some wonderful memories of yesteryear.


Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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3 comments on “All That Jazz
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  3. […] has included Alex Watson singing with a Big Band alongside Alex and Aaron, Alex Moore has been working on a couple of musicals […]

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