Trust -The glue that holds it all together

s0ngb1rd says...

Oh the halcyon days of 2007! Before the bubble burst. Before the muck hit the fan, and quicker than Dave, George or Nick could say ‘ha, ha fooled ya!’  Here we are, last quartile of 2012 and the needs within organisations seems far more urgent than in those bygone times.

The one thing that seems to be at a premium is trust. Can I trust this information? Can I trust what you say? Will this help us? How do we know for sure? That’s a tall order. Not only that…your clients are depending on YOU to deliver. TRUST. It’s the unseen engine of business relationships…of all relationships.

Often, we trust what we know. Sometimes we trust blindly…because someone or something looks or acts the part. Sometimes we trust because we get a recommendation from a trusted source…a source built from or by experience and satisfaction with outcomes. Sometimes..we don’t really…

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