EPMD – London – April 4th 2014, The Forum, Kentish Town!!

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Next Friday on April 4th in the Forum, Kentish Town. Some Hip-hop legends will be here in London to serve as a reminder to all us hip-hop kids….just how far we have come.

I’m really excited about this one. You can find out further details from the promo website: Fresh Since 88 which has all the details.

Yours truly will most definitely be in the house in full effect :)… and if you’d like to see history in the making…you should come down too.

Lets face it. Hip Hop has changed the world, and has come really far since the early days of Afrika Bambatta, Zulu Nation et al.  Some of us don’t like where its gone, so its nice to go back, and reflect on the true hip hop on which we were raised. It speaks of empowerment. It speaks of pride. It speaks of self belief. It speaks of self determination. It speaks of elevation. It speaks of love. It speaks in an authentic voice. It speaks to me. This voice has revolutionised music, fashion, media and society at large. The hip hop movement has now reached an age, where we can go back, and see some of the artists of our youth, return as elder statesmen and women.

My first ever record was hip-hop…The Message by the Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. My sister bought it for me and for me it was a toss up between this and Musical Youth’s Pass the Dutchie. In the end Grandmaster Flash won, and my love affair with hip hop was well and truly established.

Come to think about it. I think I heard rapping for the first time listening to my mum’s Mille Jackson records. Millie Jackson was a big feature in my childhood! Probably explains a lot! 🙂

Introducing EPMD and The Alumni.

I cannot wait for this… I reminisce! Let’s see what they have to say about it themselves…

So the headline act are EPMD ..that is Eric Sermon (one of my personal faves) aka The Green Eyed Bandit and Parrish Smith aka PMD.

Supporting them will be a band o’ brothers (and sisters) calling themselves The Alumni. The alumni consists of Greg Nice (@darealGregNice)  & Smooth B, Kwame (@KWAMEDIDIT), Our very own Londoner  adopted by our American cousins Monie Love (@DaRealMonieLove) and last but not least, Special Ed.

Check out some of their back catalogue…and get ready for a night to remember.

Smooth B


DJ’s on the night will be: DJ 279, @bizz_dj Manny Norte and Emily Rawson  … Spread the word!



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