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On Wednesday 19th of Feb, I was fortunate enough to be able to witness a coming together of a group of young people and the culmination of their work on a project run by Focus For Life. The pièce de résistance was a billboard, hosted in Old St. A prime piece of advertising real estate. The billboard  is by managed by JC Decaux, the worlds largest advertising agency.

Brand Me Billboard

As the clue in the title suggests, the  project itself focussed on personal branding, and enabled the select group of young people involved, to understand how to believe in and maximise their personal brand.

The “Brand Me” project organised by training provider Focus For Life included guest speaker sessions on personal branding from international advertising agency M&C Saatchi and workshops led by photographer Kofi Allen and mosaic and collage maker Lauren Baker demonstrating how to create vision boards to express future aspirations. (Excerpt from The

Personal branding is something a lot of us have to get to grips with. How we project who we are. How we define our personal value proposition. I spoke to some of the young people about their experiences, and they were very positive about the future, and how they might go on to progress their lives and missions, whilst understanding and utilising their brands. The fact that the likes of Saatchi were involved, goes to show the power that these young people might have today and in the future.

Existing brands need to understand how to engage with more diverse audiences, as traditional advertising declines, and the networked age transforms everything we thought we knew.

It was also an absolute pleasure to spend time chatting with artist Lauren Baker, who is doing some exciting work and commissions as we speak. Check out her website: You can also find Lauren on Twitter @LaurenBakerArt. Look out for future posts. Lauren has promised me an interview. 🙂

I’ve spoken about Kofi Allen before. He is an outstanding presence in the art world, and these young people were very fortunate to have such a high calibre of instruction from these Personal Branding giants. You can check out some of his work here on his current site: Kofi Allen.  I know he is in the process of updating his online presence….so I’ll keep you posted. Twitter is @KofiAllen.

The workshops were run by the group  Focus For Life who run worships, projects, events  and initiatives designed for young people, based around the arts. Great job guys.

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