Benchmark for Business Leadership Conference (with Steve Radcliffe and Simon Sinek)

Beautiful inscription by Simon Sinek

Beautiful inscription by Simon Sinek

On February 6th 2014, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Benchmark for Business Leadership conference, sponsored by Insights.

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Before  I begin, I’d like to give an extra special mention to David Lennon from GetAbstracts, Andy Lothian from Insights and from Bob Mackenzie from Benchmark for Business. These guys in their own unique ways provided me with the very leadership of which I am about to speak! Thank you. (Virtual hug)

You can watch a synopsis of reactions from the event here (ft. yours truly. :)) Leadership and The Golden Circle by Clementina.

What of Leadership?

I’ve been meaning to write a post on this topic for some time! Last year, I attended another leadership seminar hosted by Blessing White which saw Terry Pearce author of Leading Out Loud, present. I’d intended to write a post then…but I’ve been pre-occupied!I have loads of notes from that session, and had been aligning my mind inside the leadership space even before that. When I started my band, Bastedo,  I realised…I was a leader of sorts…and I didn’t want to let the troops down…so I began in earnest to absorb all I could about leadership. See my Storify of collated resources around the topic that I did at the time after the Blessing White event. Storify: Leadership.

I must say a big Well Done to Benchmark for Business for this event  (virtual round of applause.) The speakers, Steve Radcliffe and Simon Sinek, were right on the money. The event was chock full of practical insight and guidance for leaders. These speakers know how to engage an audience. That is because they believe in what they are saying. Its not just empty words.

When I realised there would only be two speakers for the whole day… I knew it would be special. This means we got a deeper engagement with their philosophies. I’ll confess…I didn’t know who Steve Radcliffe was beforehand, but he was definantly worth it…and I do know now! He consults and coaches major league business leaders…and they listen for good reason! Steve gave lots of practical advice into how to lead. He simplifies leadership. Forget all the fancy books you’ve read…and get into Steve’s Leadership Plain and Simple. Does what it says on the tin!

Simon Sinek I knew about. That’s why I was all pumped up beforehand. I’d  already seen the groundbreaking TED talk…and taken it to heart! Now was my chance to be in the same room as him…sad I know 🙂 However…it was even better than that. There was a pre event drinks soiree the night before…and I got introduced to Simon…and cheekily asked him if he would take a pic with me. As you would expect…he was most gracious. I’m seeing a a pattern here with these exceptional types. They are very down to earth and humble 🙂 Follow him at @SimonSinek.

My main take-aways:

Steve Radcliffe

  • Leadership needn’t be complicated
  • Leadership is you being your best
  • Leadership is being in touch with what you care about
  • Future –  Engage – Deliver

Simon Sinek

  • You have to have relationships big enough to get the job done
  • Leaders engage is this order: Spirit, Emotion, Intellect, Physical
  • Are you cutting stone or building a cathedral?
  • Build rather than transmit
  • If you want to move people from engaged to committed …’make a request’

Leadership is about caring. It is about servitude. It is about courage. It is about engendering growth in others.  It is about putting those others before yourself. I learned a heck of a lot!!

To all the people I met who I have not mentioned in this post…it was a pleasure!


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