Learning Technologies 2014

Its that time of year again in the learning calendar. Learning Technologies 2014.

Please look out for tweets from me and my fellow back-channellers!!

I’ll be reporting live from (that makes it sound more exciting doesn’t it!) the following sessions:

Day one:

·         T3S1 – Learning strategy

·         T1S2 – New technologies

·         T5S3 – The social future business

Day two:

·         T2S4 – Games and learning

·         T2S5 – Behavioural impact

·         T1S6 – The mind and learning

To participate from where you are, follow hashtag #LTUK14.

Also, you can follow my individual sessions at as above, by putting a hashtag in front of the session code. E.g. #T2S4 for Games and Learning.

My fellow official tweeters on the day:

Don Taylor (Conference Chairman) – @DonaldHTaylor
Learning Technologies official feed – @LT14UK
Learning and Skills official feed – @LAS14UK
Kate Graham – @kategraham23
Nic Laycock – @alc47
Joan Keevill – @designsonlearning
Kim George – @kimsgeorge
Susie Finch – @susiefinch
Lee Jones – @ljones8500
Hannah Gore – @HRGore
Sukh Pabial – @sukhpabial
Jo Cook – @lightbulbjo
Ollie Gardner – @olliegardener

Also keep an eye out for tweets from David Kelly - @LnDDave (speaker who will inevitably curating resources from the event) and Martin Couzins – @martincouzins (who runs the really useful L&D media start-up LearnPatch)

You can also find me out and about on the web:www.vizify.com/s0ngb1rd 

Over and out.


Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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