Corruption & Accountability

This week Boris Johnson spoke about the benefits of inequality, and the goodness of greed and envy in fostering competition.  I believe this is just the kind of crass, arrogant mumbo jumbo that is extremely damaging to civil society. If you think this type of rhetoric is ok…chances are, you benefit from the status quo, and are quite happy to see the continuation of the politikkks of the last 30 years, which has served to impoverish millions of people unnecessarily. To me…it’s just plain evil. If there were transparency and accountability in public and private life…then I suppose healthy competition would be a good thing. But the competition we live with is very unhealthy…much of it criminal. Boris and people who believe in the types of ideologies that he purport’s try to blur the lines between productivity, competition, commerce and opportunity. They like to de-regulate, because that means them and their friends can benefit from rich pickings to be had, at the expense of those with minimal access to power or resources.

Corruption is pervasive and damaging.  It affects the most vulnerable in all societies, and draws ever more people into negative consequences and outcomes. It funds activities such as human trafficking, drugs…and all sorts of misery in general. It is done at the expense of the many for the benefit of the few. It disgusts me.

I have put together a few resources. If you take the time to watch, listen and read some of it. You will get an understanding of how corruption works…and how it affects us all. For example, the video on corruption in Jamaica,  to me, shows how it works the world over. If you find other resources, please send them to me and I can add them here.

Transparency International

Investigative Journalism

I Paid A Bribe Website

International Institution for Sustainable Development

Corruption in Education


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2 comments on “Corruption & Accountability
  1. We’r not going to agree, but I don’t see Boris’ remark in the same way. Whilst I can see how his points lead to more sinister outcomes, for me, he points out an unfortunate, if pragmatic truth about human behaviour.

    We look over our garden fence and see our neighbour’s patio and some of us want one. We strive to get a better appraisal because we want the boss’ job and so on. Human beings make comparisons all the time and it has both good effects and bad ones.

    if you have never experienced jealousy or envy, I would be astonished. Our competitive nature is a strength that has just got out of control. It’s a question of degree.


    • s0ngb1rd says:

      Fair enough Pete. I’d never let a raggedy-headed rascal come between us! 🙂 However, I will say this. Greed and Envy are 2 of the seven deadly sins for a reason. To promote them as positive traits for a potential leader of the country, I find very disturbing. I never liked him anyway, and this confirms my assessment of his character. Those who find him charming really need to get out more! I’ll say no more.

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