Mixing business with pleasure

For this post, I thought I’d introduce a great technology tool I found online. I’m using one of my favourite artist’s Nina Simone, as a vehicle. (Click here to view the video)  Authentication required.

Products such as Annotag, have been in the market for a while..and of course..YouTube now has functionality which allows video annotation.

I do like this one though. It is really simple to use.

Annotating video takes things that one step further. It enables the viewer to jump to the most relevant parts of a video. It can also act as a table of contents for the video in question.


I’m no geek. I like things simple. I much prefer time spent in artistic pursuits, so tools like these are perfect to enable me find alternative ways to present ideas and information.

I’ve been curating some videos from online in Storify relating to highly technical topics which might relate to some our technical offering.  I think a nice idea would be get these annotated to form part of an overall learning support offering.

If you find any others….let me know.

I thought I’d also provide an L&D example. Here  is Maureen Murphy from Aurion Learning delivering a Ted Talk. The link to the annotated version is below.

VideoAnt: Maureen Murphy, The Curse of Knowledge



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