Lady sings the blues

Here’s an interview I did with Academy of Rock’s Peter Cook a few months back.

The Music of Business

Introducing Alex Watson.  By day, Alex works as a senior manager for Lloyds Register in London – A high pressure / high performance job.  She manages to combine this with being lead singer and writer for suburban soul group Bastedo.  Check out their work:

Alex had some kind words to say on “The Music of Business“:

The Music of Business is a really enjoyable read. Great insights in how to approach 21st century business challenges, using lessons from the world of rock music. It’s funny and thought provoking whilst absolutely hammering home the messages of strategy, collaboration, and project execution.

I wanted to find out her own story about mixing the two disciplines in perfect harmony:

On authenticity

Peter : I know that you have walked away from record deals with Sony BMG and so on.   What has guided your decisions to keep to your authentic…

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2 comments on “Lady sings the blues
  1. All power to you Alex – I’m booked to see you perform at Cabaret Futura in May

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