Learning Technologies Preamble – #LT13UK

I’m Alex Watson aka @s0ngb1rd. By day I am a Senior Learning and Development Consultant. Listen to this piece of audio to find out a bit about my role:

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I also run a band called Bastedo. These activities keep me pretty busy. However, both of these roles allow me to spend alot of my time learning. I need to learn how to improve outcomes in both my personal and professional life. Everything I learn..I endeavour to share.

Recently I have had some time away from the workplace, which has given me some opportunity to reflect. A large part of learning takes place in reflective mode. Upon reflection we establish and  assimilate information or experience into process, practice or procedure. Aside from intentional learning (attending courses, participating in webinars,going through formal programmes) much learning is serendipitous, and comes about in a haphazard way. We come across fragments of information, that peak our interest..or we spend time on a piece of work which stretches our capabilities and engenders growth. Someone shares something useful to help us, or we simply observe someone or something in action..good old fashioned  watch and learn.

I’m very honoured to have been asked to be part of the formal backchannel team at this year’s Learning Technolgies conference. You can find out more about the team on Kate Graham’s blog. My objectives for the conference are:

  • To share useful insights with my Twitter followers as part of the Learning Technologies back channel team using hashtag #LT13UK
  • Connect and/or reconnect with with people from my virtual networks in order to share and learn
  • Maximise any serendipitous learning oppourtunities which can support learning processes within an organisational learning framework

Normally if I don’t get to attend a conference, I’ll attend vicariously through the backchannel. Its almost as good as being there! Its a good opportunity to engage in conversations around your areas of interest. Now we see more and more formalisation of backchannel learning as a new information stream. This week as well as keeping an eye on the various streams relating to the Learning Technologies conference, I was able to spend some time listening in to the back channel at The World Economic Forum. It’s clear that Social Media is now a large part of the conversation here. The global importance and relevance of this forum demonstrates the power of social media and how it reaches us in every aspect of life.

Big themes that have converged in learning over the past few years are Social Learning, Mobile Learning, Video based learning. Social Media and Smart Phones. The increasing impact of these mediums  within society at large, have created unprecedented shifts that have impacted the organisation on many fronts. We continue to see economic turbulence and uncertainty in various parts of the world, which also create uncertainty in organisational environments.

Yes, things are changing, and nothing demonstrates how much things are changing, than the rapid integration of technology and society.

If you are attending #LT13UK this year…please feel free to engage with me in person. I won’t bite…honest. 🙂

[View the story “#LT13UK” on Storify]


Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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