Where there’s a will…Learning Provision come what may

Life’s a funny old game.

Have you ever spoken to someone who just couldn’t see opportunities? I mean, they would complain about their circumstances, and have many reasons why they couldn’t do something? I’ve had numerous conversations like this over the years. In fact…sometimes…I’ve been that person! Its mindset pure and simple. There are opportunities out there even in these turbulent economic times. The thing is..sometimes, you have to create them. You have to manifest them. You have to make them happen, and you have to execute them. Action is always preferable to inertia. Sometimes the action may not lead to the intended outcome…but you’ll definately have moved from where you were…and learned in the process. So there’s no loss. That’s the way I look at things.

Last month I was at home, when I got a phone call from an aquaintance. Lets call them a friend of a friend. Turns out, they were running a new course, and as they know I am the creative type would I like to attend? Hmmm. Strange call. Nice bloke though, so I definately gave him the time of day to hear him out.

Now, this gentleman did not know that I am a Learning & Development Consultant. As he spoke to me about the course, I started asking questions. What type of course? What are the intended outcomes? What will participants gain from attending? You know…usual L&D stuff.  So eventually we agreed to meet and he would explain and expand upon his vision.

It turns out that he was lecturing his specific subject matter expertise, Interior Design/Space Planning at a local college, but that due to funding costs the location would no longer be available. This left him with a choice. Find somewhere else or cancel the course. Except, he couldn’t find anywhere else suitable within budget. By the time he spoke to me, he had gone someway into transforming his course into what I like to call ‘Guerilla Style.’ He explained that lectures would take place in the very spaces that were the subject of the course.  I was excited for a couple of reasons.

1) This was immersive and experential learning in every sense of the word

2) I really loved the fact that instead of throwing in the towel…he had simply tweeked the vision. To me, this alternative way of delivering the learning would, I believe engender better outcomes than the original format.

3) I could help him understand how he could use social media to amplify the course content, but also to market to prospective audiences.

I really loved his enthusiasm and knowledge for his subject, Interior Design. However, what impressed me even more, and I love it when I meet people like this…was the willingness to try something new, out of his own comfort zone and area of expertise. To keep on learning himself.

I’ve come across many people who simply put up a barrier and refuse to cross the chasm.

We’ve slowly been increasing his knowledge around Social Media, and I have been learning alot about Interior Design and the Built environment. I am also learning more about my own use of social media. Winning all round then.

For more information on my friend Eric’s course and the man himself:

Erik A-Kum on Linkedin

Open Interior on Facebook

@OPENInterior on Twitter

In conjuction with OPEN Ealing

Shared courtesy of OPENInterior: Watch Hugo’s hideaway deep inside the walls of Gare Montparnasse Train Station, replicated at Shepperton Studios:


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