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Every year C4LPT brings out a list of the top 100 Learning Techonoly Tools.

It’s a great list for the learning community as it serves as a barometer, taking the temperature of the Learning Technology tool landscape, but its also a heads up, letting you know about the tools that you may not have been using  but might find useful. The fact that there are 100, just goes to show the sheer amount of tools that are available. I personally use all of the top 20 tools for one thing or the other, and going through the list there are plenty more that I use on top of that.

Curation Tools

More recently I have been using tool no.24 alot. Scoop it has moved up 9 places since last year. It’s a content curation tool that allows you to create and publish web pages of content gathered from around the web, around topic’s of your choosing. I curate a few pages around learning, music and culture. But a week in on the social web is a long time. Even more recently tools that I have, found that are not on the list that have superceded my use of and others. Storify. Another curation tool. This allows you to search for web content from a number of platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc)  from around the web. This is another simple and useful tool.

I had been curating a couple of pages in Finding the content, the scooping it into my relevant topic area. Publishing my updates. I found that storify gathers content around my particular subject of interest much more easily. So as an example you could use Storify to source content as well as curate, and use to curate the most relevenat content for your chosen topics.

Another great tool for analytics is Twitonomy. I’m loving this one at the moment. Quick, easy and interesting data insights.

Making sense of it all

Even with all of this social media use. I still have alot of work to do around maximising the reach and social aspects of these tools. This is my next learning phase. Like many…I’m a private person at heart. A generation X. We’ve seen these tools emerge and evolve, but we can have a discordant relationship with them. In real life, I am a social butterfly when out and about, but otherwise I can be quite a lone soldier. I really do understand the difficulty some people have with the exposure inherent in using these tools. Its the reason why you get alot of anonymous ‘trolling’ online. People feel safer to express their opinion when no one knows who they are. Duh!

There is a vulnerability in collaborating in a social way. There is a risk to openess.  We have all seen how a flippant tweet comment can lead to negative consequences. This vulnerability can be mitigated in some way by the effective management of your online presence…with a bit of common sense thrown in. However, the downsides are far outweighed by the positives I reckon. The opportunity to learn from ones peers and enriched networks being a couple of the big ones.


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