This weekends events…not Carnival

I’ll be performing at the Alexandra Bastedo Animal Sanctuary this weekend with Internationally renowned virtuoso pianist Simon Mulligan (I’m not worthy :))


Hooked up with him earlier today, and among the many fascinating things he spoke to me about, he mentioned that Alexandra Bastedo graced the cover of The Smiths live album ‘Rank.’ That is spooky as I have a good friend who is a diehard Smiths/Morrisey fan…like many people. I only got around to listening to ‘The Best of The Smith’s’ earlier this week, which she had lent me months ago as we had argued about his ‘so called ‘ brilliance. I listened. I loved it, I took it all back!!!! I  hadn’t really known much of thier music before apart from one or two major hits (shamefaced.) I had


Morrisey down as a bit of a (dare I say) racist. Perhaps unfoundedly so. Anyway, I was elated to discover this little fact about Alex. Simple pleasures. Alex (Bastedo) the more I learn about you…the more cool you become. I’m looking forward to this weekend 🙂




Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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