Times Have Changed – What of the future?

I think it was about 3 years ago when I first cottoned onto the power of open learning. If my memory serves me right it was as a result of reading Clive Shepherd’s Blog. I switched on to Yale Open Learning and got really excited. I attended lectures on Political Science studying the works of  Plato and Socretes, Game Theory (Yes me.) I got so far with that! I delved into and deepened my understanding of Financial Markets. I enriched my study of History, especially Civil War and Reconstruction Era, which was a great refresher as I had studied Modern History at as part of my Social Sciences degree at Uni. So I devoured many modules in all the History sections. Not for any purpose other than to feed my voracious mind. I’ve always had an interest in Slavery,  because of my Caribbean Heritage and the legacies that have been handed down since that era. It gives me a way to understand the past and attempt to make sense of the present and prepare for the future. More recently I have worked my way through much of African American Studies much of this should be filed under History. PERIOD.

Anyway. My consumption of all this free open source stuff definately helped fuel my passion for all things Online Learning. This video about The Future of Education: Epic 2020, outlines a potential vision for the future citing Online worlds such as Udacity, which move on from making content freely available, to actually defining models for evaluation and assessment, rendering the old style seat of learning potentially irrelevant in the future? (See end of post for copy of the vid.) The thing is…we are all still figuring out how to best monetize the future in the face of new paradigms. That’s the real quandary. This new vision for future is largely already here for many. How will it affect various demographics and populations? Will we need new social constructs to support these new paradigms? We can already see these shifts taking place in all areas of life. Of course life as we know and have always understood it from whatever era, age or vantage point, has  always has been a living breathing organism. We often attempt to appropriate various shards of this time, space and existence in order to survive. Why? Who knows. I for one just want to enjoy the ride..in peace.



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