Sick & Tired of the Tories

Up until now….I’ve kept my blog pretty inoffensive. I hope that’s not about to change. However, there is a real sense of anger that takes over me when I see either David Cameron or his cohorts. His old chum Boris illicits much the same vitriol in my mind. Like alot of ordinary people, when politicians speak to the media about GDP, inflation, taxation on small to medium enterprises, referendums etc…I think….what does it actually mean? When you start to delve into some of the policies and legislation that this government has been attempting to steamroll through parliament, you begin to wonder. Just who are they governing for? Where will it all lead?

The latest bit of ‘spin’ has been to do with the ability to sack idle workers:

Now I know it’s not just me who is worried about the potential abuses of this power? Now I hate a slacker just as much as the next man. In fact I have seen some pretty bizairre behaviour that passes itself of as ‘work ethic’ in my time. I have also experienced, workplace bullying, racism, slander….you name it..I’ve been there. None of the situations where I have been treated unfairly in the workplace has EVER lead to the aggressors losing their job, or even being reprimanded…not to my knowledge. The fact of the matter is in many of these situations, the power lies with the agressor. In most cases where I am unhappy…I end up leaving, as that seems like the easiest and least painful route although know it is not a solution. Now I have what many people would call a successful career…but it has not been without hard work and sacrifice. In fact, I truly believe that my race and gender have definately been barriers to my progress.

Perhaps it is my humble beginnings that have lead me with a natural aversion to conservative politics…but I think its becoming more glaringly obvious that our so called ‘leaders’ are out of touch with the common man….in bed with the wealthy financiers, and self-protectionist in their agendas. WAKE UP…this is not an episode of Brideshead Revisited…this is our lives.

Annoyed. 😦


Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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One comment on “Sick & Tired of the Tories
  1. Paula says:

    Powerful insights Alex.

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