Good Business Sense?

If you’ve ever had you’re own business or been self-employed, you understand that the world won’t owe you a living, and you must do whatever it takes to grow and sustain your business. If you have to provide goods or services to clients, you do you’re market research to understand the client base.

If you’ve worked in the public or private sector as an employee, depending on what company you work for….the picture can be very different.

A small organisation or one man band has the ability to be more agile and flexible, and react more quickly to the marketplace whereas larger organisations tend to have slower response times and adapt more slowly and cautiously to change.

My reason for speaking about this is I currently work for a large global organisation. In trying to share knowledge and initiate change is sometimes a frustration. I know I’m not alone in this because I read about it all the time. I’ve had to be pretty bold and creative in order to get my messages to the right people, and I’ve also had to exercise a great deal of patience, knowing that the everyone has competing priorities.

For example. I wanted to get part of my organisation to pilot software from My plan……

  • Pick a relevant internal project (Induction in this case)
  • Conduct a small pilot implementation with some key or relevant people
  • Implement proposed solution
  • Gather feedback
  • Make decision on wider rollout

The reality however has been more like this…..

  • Pick a relevant internal project (of which there are potentially many)
  • Inform key/relevant people
  • Request for justification (Long winded, time consuming business case)
  • Justification provided
  • Key/Relevant personnel informed
  • Silence > Chase up > Silence
  • Word that the project will neeed to be postponed as the global situation is monitored
  • Escalate to someone ‘higher up’
  • Referal to IT
  • Request to IT. IT request for justification and provide new even longer Business Case template

You note that there is still no tangible action at this stage!! and……at this point, I start to lose the will to live and begin to wonder if I am indeed trying to help, or just being a pain in the neck? I wonder why my business hired me? I wonder if I’m in the wrong job? This takes me back to the opening paragrah. As a part-time musician…..I’m used to the ‘hustle.’ That ethos of trying to get things done and achieve them by any means necessary. Creating something new out of something old. Reinterpreting existing ideas and transforming them into new and interesting creations. Focussing on ‘performance improvement.’

Then I noticed that I started to change. I began to ask different questions. What DO they want? Why CAN’T they see? What do I want? Do I CARE anymore?

Of course I still care, but there are many lessons that I have learned through all of this. Even though in my 4th year within my organisation, I have a greater appreciation of how the organisation functions. It has also caused me to further develop my listening skills as I try to align to the organisational ‘hot buttons’ (or more like woolly fasteners:)) have also listen even more intently to the Fee-Earners,engaged in providing technical solutions to our clients, Overheads employees, who run operational aspects and even more closely  to my internal dialogue. It says…don’t give up. Keep going, keep challenging and keep learning. One day you will be rewarded.


Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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