Something to offer?

My last few blog posts have been well down in numbers of viewers. A little dent to my otherwise humungous ego 🙂   Seriously though. There could be any number of reasons for this, and although I don’t have the answer here are some of my guesses:

Blogging too infrequently / Irrelevant or uninspiring posts / Not living up to the expectations of the audience / None of the above….who knows.

I also wondered whether it might have something to do with the fact that a couple of months ago I turned my Tweet text alerts off. I was following approximately 15 people, and my phone never stopped buzzing, ringing, sending me messages etc. Even if I don’t engage entirely with a message at the point I receive it…I usually check. Ths was infuriating my friends, who thought I should marry my phone if I loved it that much! 🙂 Anyway. I thought they had a point. It was getting a bit disruptive, so I decided to silence the backchannel for a spell.

Another potential reason is, my last few posts had alot of text, no diagrams audio or video…..but more importantly, no input from SME’s etc. The videos I produced last year with such notables as Charles Jennings, Josh Bersin, Donald Taylor, Jane Hart et al….most definately provided the audience with added value, hence the most views.

Anyway. Today I attended Epic’s Forwardthinking event. As some added value….here are my mindmap’s:


Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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One comment on “Something to offer?
  1. Alex Watson says:

    Thanks Craig. Thats just it. It’s hard to know the real reason. However, I think like you say, you have to remain connected with your community, otherwise when you return, they’ve moved on. Its very interesting. I alluded in previous posts to not having time. I am very busy, and my engagement with SoMe has initially been driven by my daytime job in L&D, but practiced in both my Musical life and L&D…..but, not borne out of a fascination for technology. I have reflected on this. Years ago, I hated attending networking events for my music as I felt shy and awkward……as you can probably tell from having met me…I no longer suffer from that problem! Its similar with SoMe. My initial reservations were replaced by some toe-dipping, and a gradual and ongoing understanding of the benefits and effective and uses of SoMe…leading to deeper levels of engagement. However, comminication I think is the key here. You have to keep up with your contacts, build the relationships etc. I believe I have to prioritise communication in both of these arenas. As for the personal benefits. Yes I agree to a certain extent, but we all know that volume and reach are what count in this business. I have the same problem with my music…thats where it hurts more……but my ego is made of stronger stuff. 🙂

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