What’s in a name?

If you’ve been keeping abreast of my posts (hi mum!) you’ll know that I have been acting as change agent within my organisation in the use of learning technologies as a way to enhance performace, collaboration and learning. I’m not the only one, but sometimes the The Matrix and The Silo can be counter-productive for innovation and collaboration. Not always, but they can be barriers. 

Anyway….my job title is changing to reflect a change in role, moving away from direct responsilities within a business unit for Learning deliverables, and segue-ing into a wider more consultative role, spanning a wider cross-section of operational business units. (I understood that…I hope you do) I’ll still be getting involved with hands on content creation,  training needs analysis, design and workshop delivery, coaching etc, but the upshot is, I need a new title to reflect who I currently am. My previous job tile of Client Implementation Specialist always seemed to raise a few eyebrows, and leave folks with no clue of what I actually did on a daily basis. 

This all got me thinking about how much importance and value we often place on these monikers. What do they say about us? How do people respond to us in light of what our job title/role is? One of the problems in my organisation was that people didn’t really understand what I did by my title alone. There was no ‘Learning and Development’ or ‘Training’ in the title. I believe that this has made things slightly more difficult when people may have needed guidance or support relating to e-learning, learning technologies or any of my skillset . Hopefully a new title will clarify some of these things. However there is another aspect to consider when taking on a new role….your next steps. Baby boomers may be less likely to consider this issue, but for Generation X’s like myself, progression may still be an issue. What would I like to do next, what kind of title would work best in light of future possibilities?  Well I would hope that the work I have accomplished this far and hope to achieve in the future will provide the main driver for my progression in future, but I know that perception counts for alot in this day an age.  



Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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