Traditional Learning in transition

I’ve been thinking about this more and more. We are constantly hearing cries that traditional classroom modes of training are increasingly outdated. Well in my company…it is still the main way in which training is delivered. There are some intermittant e-learning activities going on, mainly outsourced high cost complex interventions. However, there is still a real lack of understanding as to how to maximise online learning; when and where to use specific online interventions, when to buy in, when to outsource, when to DIY. These are some of the issues I have spent the last couple of years slowly trying to spread (my humble) influence and share  knowledge about within my company. There are some things that will always take time. I have also continued my life’s mission to keep on learning. Up till know, I have been outside of the main Learning and Development function, and sit in a more operational client facing role. I have also spent a considerable amount of time working in isolation as part of a remote team. At these times….I relied heavily on my online community for knowledge, support and inspiration. I am glad to see internally people slowly start to take on board some of what I have been sharing. However, I have noticed a tendancy for people not to acknowledge where they got their practical information, leads, advice and contacts. Sometimes…they even get promoted! I hear folk with no real interest in learning,  regurgitate what they have gleaned from a vendor or supplier….and then give advice which they are ill prepared to give. This is a little frustrating as I’m not too good at politics…..but I’m still learning.:) Anyway….I really see that things are staring to change….that’s a good thing.  My role is now evolving due to changing business needs, and like many other organisations, the pull to reduce costs and increase competence means that my skills are being more widely recognised and utilised,  and I know feel we are at a place where some real transistions are going to take place. I am now involved in several internal projects. All involve aspets of Online Learning or the use of social media. Some involve looking at traditional classroom courses and identifying which elements might be re-purposed as e-learning. Consulting on some Online Academies that we are developing and also, consulting on facilitating live sessions. I am really excited about the different activities taking place, because I believe that once people are tuned into new delievery modes, the training we provide and the training we attend will provide better learning experiences for all involved.



Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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