Learning by Doing……The Story So Far

The last few months have been quite up and down for me with regards to my work and position within my organisation. We have many challenges, some of which were touched on in previous posts (The video’s I filmed at Online Educa in Berlin were in direct response to some of my organisation’s most pressing challenges.) I have spent the last few months really working on engagaing with Senior Management and other L&D professionals within the organisation. Trying to spread influence, share knowledge and best practice. Trying to drip feed pertinent information to those people who I believe will benefit. Areas I am particularIy interested in for my company, or that I believe are areas we need a strong focus are the development of Line Managers as enablers of performance and development, the use of social media and other technology as performance and course support, effective Learning Measurement. 

1) People are slowly listening and taking notice

2) People still have a long way to go!…..I have to recognise that. (I’ll come back to this)

These issues have been jangling around in my brain for around 4 years now. From my vantage point, it seems 2011 -12 is the year when alot of these issues will reach the organisations mainstream agenda. That makes me feel like a) My prophetic powers are in good nick 🙂 b) I am well placed to ride the wave of organisational change that is and will be occuring as a result of this status quo. Opportunity, timing, context and preparation. Often, beacuse I analyse the issues that affect me personally, look for ways to solve them, I discover relevant information, products or services and people which can nudge me  forwards or make quantam leaps in my understanding and engagement.

I was reflecting on all this, and also listening to Jane Hart’s podcast about the use of social media in organisations.

  Alot of what Jane spoke about, I have been slowly attempting to put into practice over the last couple of years. It is only over the last couple of months however, that I have really started to reap and recognise some of the additional benefits that come from being a social media contributor,and not just an observer.


I realise, that I am probably one of the more experienced people within my my org (those who are out of the closet) with the knowledge and skills in this area, simply because I have spent the last couple of years with an intermittant focus in this area (time and project permitting)…and now I am being recognised as such an expert (hark at me!!)

It’s only in the last few months that I have proudly accessed my social neworking sites, without feeling that in my company’s eyes, I may be doing something that they deem to be time wasting. If people come by your desk and see you on Twitter or Linkedin…they invariably think your NOT working!

When I first started using these sites, my main focus at the time, was how they could be used in Learning and Development.  I was also aware that as a part-time musician….these tools would prove valuable for me too. So I had two really strong reasons to engage. I feel like I am only just coming to a place where I can really harness the power of these tools in my professional life. It’s taken me that long to get this far. This takes me back to my earlier point 2………If it has taken me this long to truly engage, to feel brave enough to contribute, to understand just how beneficial some of these tools can be…..then I should understand how those people in my professional world (L&D and Music)  who may be reticent, who may seem unwilling to engage, who quite frankly seem to care less….I should have more understanding of how they feel, and where they might be mentally in terms of adopting new practices or processes.

It is with this mindset that I intend to adopt the next phase of my charm offensive…which is simply to help others within my organisation who do not understand how to use these tools and their benefits….to do just that….by any means.



Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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