SOS – Social Media Philistine!!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I have wanted to post. I have felt I should be posting. I have read the posts of others from the virtual sidelines. However, I have discovered a major problem. Written communication is not my strong point (unless it is in the form of a song….and even then, some would argue)

A songwriter tries to encapsulate the mood, meaning and emotion of a  sentiment or situation  in as few words as possible. As a result, communicatons such as emails or text messages (and now blogs) from me are usually as brief as possible. 

I sometimes read emails and find myself wondering in amazement, just how did they manage to make that mountain out of that molehill!! Anyway, I decided to give writing a blog a go after my experience at Online Educa. My rationale for this was 1) If you can’t beat them, join them, 2) You are only going to improve in this area by jumping in with both feet. As a paid-in-full member of the Personal Improvement Club, I decided to throw caution to the wind and jump. 

The other barrier has been the percieved lack of anything useful to add.  I had this conversation with a well known vendor at the Learning Technologies Conference. There has been many online conversations following on from the conference about the use of social media, with many referencing Craig Taylor’s session. (which was excellent.)  The fact of the matter  for me, and I’m sure for many others is, I don’t feel I have anything usfeul or any value to add. Sometimes I start to write something in response to something I’ve seen or read…only to delete my contribution.  I have had my Twitter and E-Blogger account since mid 2009. I was unable to access Twitter at work for a long time, so that proved to be a barrier. However..those barriers have been removed. Now, not only can I access twitter at work, I can access it from my Blackberry, my HTC and my ipad!! So what is stopping me?

I much prefer face-to-face discourse. Put me in a room with a donkey, and before long he’ll have at least 2 legs missing!! Ask me my opinion on something….anything. I ALWAYS seem to have one!!  For some reason, I struggle with trying to contextualise and rationalise some of what I know (or think I know) in order to create valuable content. 

I’m also a doer…I prefer action. Ask me how I intend to act? I can’t always tell you that. Ask me to write it down……I can…if it makes sense to do so. If it makes sense to do so….you probably won’t even have to ask me. Common sense and practicality, as opposed to conjecture please.

Perhaps, if I keep writing, keep adding to what I call the ‘white noise’  I may contribute something of value. 



Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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