Online Educa – Business Educa 1

 More notes from Educa….

·         Knowledge sharing

·         No jargon

o   Marketing

o   Make it sexy

·         Set up an online meeting with Key Stakeholders……online. Record it. Send it to them.

·         Knowledge sharing and implementing learning technologies

·         No one answer. [We can utilise what’s already there. Instant messaging, webex]

·         Understand a balance sheet

·         Engage with senior teams and understand in a consultative way

·         Performance productivity

·         “There has been as much literature created this year than the previous history of humankind”

·         LMS: Tracking activity not learning

·         Help people to learn how to think (Meta Learning Skills)

·         People feel cheated by e-learning: Less time, done in the gaps,[ invariably]gets  completed in your their time

·         Prosumer… David James Clark 1V – Think of ways of turning participant into a producer rather than a consumer

·         Creating workscapes

·         Learning organisations reduce time to competency – Laura Overton, Towards Maturity

·         Workarounds

·         Pilot Sessions

·         Key Issues

o   Focus on business outputs

o   How do you market and sell your ideas

o   Measuring results, meaningful and useful


Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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