Online Educa – Balancing Individual and Organisational Learning

These are the notes I took in the seminar of the same name at online educa…….

Paul Hunter – IMDDirector of IMD’s Corporate Learning Network


·         Portfolio Management: People, products, Preferences

·         Ensure People have access to knowledge

o   Opportunities to explore

o   Clear business framework

·         Diversity, speed, encourage, allow network to flourish

o   Psychological safety net (prototyping, pilot)

o   Crowdsourcing

o   Recognition of achievement

o   Autonomy comes with responsibilities

·         Leverage the strength of the various internal cultures within your org.

·         Value of co. Lies in the communities and how well they function

·         Create space for knowledge acquisition

·         Shape tolerant culture

·         Understand preferences

·         Frameworks with freedom  /  paul.hunter@imd

Josh Bersin – CEO Josh Bersin & Associates

·         Every year, every dept……match individual plan aligned with business plan

·         Org needs: (bus plans and goals)

·         Values, Strategic initiatives, desired outcomes, mission, vision

·         Bumrungrad  Hospital (Bangkok)

·         Meta data, taxonomies

·         Skills map

·         Personal Learning plans

·         Ability to access info JIT info anytime, anywhere

Josh’s Keynote Speech


Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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