My Online Educa Berlin 2010 Experience – Guerilla style!

Last week (a long time in the blogosphere…or whatever they call it these days,) I attended Online Educa in Berlin for the first time. I managed to persuade my boss to let me go, and I arrived to -10 temperatures :-(.   Aside from my Ryanair debarcle (and I’m sure we’ve all had one of those) it was a really productive trip. I met lots of interesting people, and the quality of the food was outstanding!!


….but I digress! In one of the Online Educa Business Strands,  Charles Jennings challenged the audience/participants as to what they wanted to take away from the conference. Then and there, I decided I wanted to take away the well respected opinions of as many of thought leaders as I could, starting with the panel!  Luckily for me, they agreed to give me some of their time to discuss some of the challenges facing my business. The videos that you see as previous posts are their contributions. I managed to get contributions from the following people: Jay Cross, Laura Overton, Clark Quinn, Nick Van Dam, Josh Bersin, Donald Taylor, Jane Hart, David James Clarke 1V, Sarah Frame, John Valenicia. Thank you all for your contributions. 



Singer/Songwriter Learning & Development Consultant Good Egg

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